Cosplay Cape Town welcomes you!

Our Cosplay Cape Town community is built by geeks, enthusiasts, make-up artists, hair stylists, designers, photographers and local businesses who often function almost exclusively within our community.

We represent this diverse group, and firmly believe that no one is the wrong age, size, gender or race to cosplay.
We also attend and help organise the cosplay side of many of the major conventions in Cape Town and various other events (cosplay picnics, Japan day, cosplay balls, cosplay workshops). If you want people in cool costumes at your event or need assistance organising a costume competition or masquerade, please contact us!

We offer advice and support to budding enthusiasts of the hobby. Struggling with a pattern? Not sure how to win a contest? Can’t decide where to start? Want to wear an outfit but not willing to make it? We can help!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you’ve found the right community! Welcome to Cosplay Cape Town!

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A look back at Japan Day 2017

Stellenbosch, for those intrepid travellers brave enough to wander beyond the reach of the South, is a breath of fresh air. Vineyards, orchards and massive tracts of greenery are entangled with residences and bustling cars. But for cosplay enthusiasts, the true allure...

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How to Sew a Sailor Collar

Reposted from Cosplayer McCall's If you cosplay anime and manga characters with any regularity, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ll end up needing to sew a classic seifuku. There are any number of variations on the basic idea, as seen in everything from...

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Japan Day – 12 March

Hi everyone! Just a reminder about the event coming up THIS SUNDAY 12 MARCH. Join us at Japan Day! Who Will you be Cosplaying as? The Japanese Consulate will host the 5th Annual Japan Day on 12 March 2017 at Blaauwklippen Family Market The festival is a free event, so...

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